Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Illustration Friday Topic : Worn

I know i know!!!! you are all probably tired of my drawing houses, its kind of my latest default, but i really wanted to draw a dilapidated house for this illustration friday topic. This is was done in under an hour, but not sure how long exactly, might have only been 30 or 40 minutes,i'm not entirely sure. Had my first illustration job today to be published in a news paper. If any of you get the montclair times be on the look out for it, it can be seen below. If anybody has any requests out there for more stuff, feel free to shoot me some ideas. having a little blank canvas syndrome lately, i think i'm going to continue on this house binge. The houses i have been drawing are fun but they arent really pushing the shapes far enough i think. I want to bump up the mass and shape of the houses so they get really exaggerated, then once i'm satisfied i will move onto some finished house pieces, or something all new all together. Thanks for looking, and reading...if you read this.

Oh yeah, does it bother anyone else when people post artwork they did previously for new IF topics...i feel like you should do a drawing illustrating the topic..not just find something to post.


Tammy said...

I think your house is great! If you feel like drawing houses, there's nothing wrong with that, I'm sure that some people think that draw too many animals. And no I don't think it's right to reuse pictures for different topics. It's kind of defeating the whole purpose, in my opinion anyway.

adam taylor said...

That is a really fun house...I love to draw houses and buildings too!

Danette said...

Excellent drawing....I like!

Christina said...

Excellent work!

Dusik said...

i love this house!
i mean i love this drawing of the house

i am not tired at all. i have my own "default" recently, so i understand.

nice work!