Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A new approach?


So, i recently saw pixar's. UP. And it is pretty much amazing, as usual. It made me realize a few things. I have received a lot of criticism on my character work. and i think its because i overdo my characters. i spend too much time trying to realize perfect shapes and jawlines and too much detail. All of the successful animators i have been looking at acheive their character with very little line work. Simple shapes, only a few basic features, and tada! a beautiful character. So from now im going to try to keep things as simple as possible. I did a page of faces just now...every time i was working on a face and i thought i was working on it too long i immediately went on to a new one. They are all very similar, the emotions are not drastically different but i just tried to do something different with every face. Only the most basic lines used, im going to continue with these features and whole body sketches working with simple fast lines, hopefully i can develop a stronger characterization base to work from with this technique. Any thoughts? if anyone still checks this?


Eric Baumann said...

I think that the simple lines are a great place to start but for me it is really the attention to detail that stands out in every Pixar movie that I see. The shapes ARE very simple but everything is so rich in detail and precision--the characters in that movie, and many other Pixar/Dreamworks movies have always reminded me of your work because of their DETAILED creativity, which atleast to me has always been a hallmark of your work.

After seeing Up, I remember turning to Tim and saying "Isaac's name is going to be in those credits one day." I think you are on the right road, keep developing your work and your style, experiment, but dont stop doing what you do because it is freaking awesome and will pay off for you one day--mark my words.

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

im talking about form drawing though. in terms of details like pockets, stitching, collars, accessories etc, yes, that detail is ok. Its how you draw those details with simplicity is what im talking about