Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brownstones to Red Dirt Postcard Benefit

this painting is only 4 inches by alittle over 5 inches
I was lucky enough to have the honor of participating in a great benefit artwork auction put on by some folks over at bluesky studios. Over 150 artists are painting wooden postcards to be sold to raise funds for kids in sierra leone and brooklyn. To see some of the other entries, and to find out more information on the project and when the auction will be go...

for my entry i wanted to do something different. I had a lot of trouble coming up with ideas that would be fun that had to do with pen pals..mail men, mail trucks all sorts of ideas. Finally, i realised post offices are the MOST boring places on the face of the earth. so i tried to spiff it up a little bit. what would a cool post office look like/..hopefully like this! i was kind of thinking about funny postcards of motels and things like that with cheesy colors. Im happy with the turn out.

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