Sunday, January 17, 2010


OK i have been away for some time, traveling to new jersey, new york and hawaii. I brought so much paint to hawaii expecting to paint like a madman, but there just wasnt enough time in a day. With such a short vacation i was forced to reduce to photographs for reference...4500 photographs. Hawaii is a great place with a ton to fit into your schedule, so it was very difficult to fit in time for drawing. so i will share some photographs from my trip, as well as a few drawings from the museum of natural history in nyc....and some other doodles from a trip i took to see a man who collects old fashioned bicycles of all sizes and shapes, there is a quick doodle of him and some of his bikes.


bert.van.eeckhout said...

Nice pictures.
I love the landscape overview pictures.
It always remind me on Jurassic park :-)

Anju Sabu said...

I have a soft spot for animal sketches... made me stop and look. I really like the zebra!