Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pirate Day in Baltimore and a cry for help

Today in baltimore there was a pirate festival. Unfortunately i didn't know about it until most of the festivities were over today. There were Pirate re-enacters everywhere. Some were fairly humorous but others were just plain creepy. Granted some of them were payed to be there but the people who seemed to pop out of the woodwork without entire pirate outfits with matching tattoos and facial hair really creep me out...seemed like they wait all year for this one day to release their obsession. Anyway, tons of great drawing material, here are just a few quick sketches i did today, the crowd was so intense it was hard to draw fast enough.

One thing i miss about new york is having people to draw with or being part of some sort of an artistic community. If anybody reading this can suggest to me a group of people in the baltimore dc area that actually likes to go out and sketch please let me know. Im also trying to find more blogs like art jumble to join, if you know any or would like to start one with me please drop me a comment.


damon said...


Jessie Jordan said...

i didn't even know about it and went to fellspoint without my camera or sketchbook... fail on my behalf

Wayne B. Medina said...

man, you been busting out some cool post lately. I gotta catch up for sure. anywhoo, love the pirate sketches, hehe, yeah some of these pirates really do get into character eh? lol

but maybe post a flyer or something around town and start a sketch group doing that. is there a sketchcrawl over there in baltimore? I know they started one here in l.a recently...gotta go to that tho heh

Adam said...

Didn't know there were so many aspiring pirates in Baltimore! xD

Hmm, my hometown is about an hour and a half away from Baltimore. Can't say I've been to much of the city outside of its airport though... I don't know many people in the area there, and the closest school I can think of would be MIAD. I wonder if they'd have any alumni working in the area that go out sketching at all.