Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cars and a few tricks i learned

I know i have been away for some time...hopefully all of my followers are still with me. In my time away from the blog i've learned a few things which i would like to share with anyone who is still reading. Recently i have been doing a lot of story board work, i don't have a long history of story boarding so i am relatively new to the process. What makes a great storyboard, a panel specifically , is translating the most information as possible wit the least amount of clutter. A mood, as well as a great sense of depth and movement are all a necessity. It is hard to capture all three effectively, and those who can, have some real talent. If you sometimes struggle getting your drawings to be as dynamic as storyboards, a good way to practice is by taking a camera and looking through the view finder. This helps you to see just how perspective can add to the composition in a frame. Especially storyboarding for animation and motion pictures, creating your artwork from a lense's point of view as opposed to a standing human, changes the artwork entirely. it is an incredibly useful trick, as well as finding photos and drawing over the top of them. This helps to understand scale and placement, then gradually you can do it on your own, but seeing just how small things in the distance really are, and how large foreground items can be really helps your understanding of depth. Once you've got a handle on scale and perspective, make sure to apply the classic squash and stretch animation techniques to what you've got. Then you will really be on your way, just don't be afraid to push it farther than you normally would! Willingness to experiment with different angles has been somewhat of a challenge for me in the past but lately i cant get enough. Stay tuned for some storyboards and some new work, mostly revolving around developing my drawing skills.


Renee Kurilla said...

I love your sketches, I find it really hard to draw vehicles. And thanks for the storyboarding tip! Another challenging thing for me :) I think looking at comics helps alot too.

damon said...

super cool!

Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

cool stuff man
check these out, i think you'll like them;