Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blogger Appreciation Raffle!!

Hey everybody! Today I Reached 50 followers, thank all of you so very much for showing interest in my work, so in return for all of your interest, i'm going to hold a little give-away. I will be giving away 2 full size prints of my artwork. All you have to do is follow my blog, if you are already a follower just make sure you keep an eye out for the results, and make sure there is an email address posted on your blog so i can contact you if your name gets picked out of the hat! I know theres some of you out there that frequent the blog but do not follow, in order to be eligible for the raffle, you must be a follower! It takes 5 seconds to click the link, you can do it! The winners will be announced the 1st of July..and if somehow we reach 100 followers by then, I will change it to 5 prints in the giveaway! Stay tuned for updates, if things go well maybe ill throw some more stuff in there..

In other news..

I was featured today on the MORE collective website, this is a cool site showcasing artists from the baltimore area, feel free to check out their site here...


I designed a Baltimore themed t shirt for them, contact me at isaac@orloffillustration.com if you are interested in purchasing one.


Paintings by Denis Orloff said...

I want one. The 1st one.

Jessie Jordan said...

CONGRATS... ps pick my name out of the hat ;)

OntarioPlates said...

I, along with 65 other dudes, subscribe to the feed on google reader. Does that count as following?