Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Years Giveaway!

Since CTN I have been meaning to get into some more detailed sketches and environments but I have not had the time with work and the holidays and such. Heres a sketch I had some time to complete tonight on some down time from work. Hopefully everyone is having a good holiday season, tonight is the first nigh of Hannukah!
Since it is the holiday season, why not give away some artwork? At the end of this month, I will give away 5 pieces of artwork. 5 prints, and one original sketch. All you have to do is follow my blog on blogger to be entered into the giveaway! January 1st will be the announcement of the winners. Stay tuned and thank you all for the support!


Gulzar said...

Darn diggin these!

Chanp said...

Hey Isaac,
great meeting you and chatting with ya at CTN as well.

I'll definitely let ya know if i visit baltimore, thanks dude.


Chris Kennett said...

Hey Isaac, great meeting you too. Thanks heaps for the compliments and glad you liked the business cards. Your work is amazing, I'll be back to bother you again soon ;)



fhiona galloway said...

ooh exciting!!!!

Gabby Zapata said...

oOOooo! How excitingg! :) These are awesome.

Scott said...

Hey Isaac, thanks for the visit to my blog and for your kind words. I was also very pleased to meet you and CTNX and see your appealing work. Got my fingers crossed for you....sounds like you're working well and hard! Keep it up.


Tel Coelho said...



Alexis Rodriguez Cardoso said...

Great enviroments as usual!

Jason Norton said...

BEAUTIFUL designs! Really diggin your style