Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CTN Wrap Up

CTN Wrap and Animation Collaborative

 Last weekend was the infamous CTN animation expo. I was lucky enough to meet so many new artists, and reconnect with some great talent from all over the world. I counted at least 8 different countries represented at CTN this year which is for sure a new record. Theres too many for me to name here but I have added at least a dozen or so new links to my links section, please be sure to check them out if you are looking for some inspiration! CTN is an outstanding source of inspiration and networking, but if you are lookin' for a good ol' fashion schoolin' then you are in luck, the new Animation Collaborative is a great resource and it is taught by all working professionals from PIXAR. Check out their website for more info ASAP. Click here to find out more info

 Chris Oatley Paperwings Podcast 

 The podcast I was interviewed on was finally released! Here is the link for the podcast, please give it a listen especially if you are an up and coming artist in any field of illustration. I was lucky enough to be accompanied by the wonderful Betsy Bauer, Elsa Chang, Sarah Marino, Natalie Hall, and Jessie Greenberg on the pod cast, and everyone had some great insight on ways to approach starting a career in animation.

Click Here to listen to the Podcast

 And just in case I wasn't clobbering you over the head with enough social media, I am now on Twitter. Please follow me @IsaacOrloff. Feel free to ask me questions or anything you like about the podcast and I will respond as quick as I can! And Last but not least...


 As some of you may know, I have been working at the video game company ZYNGA for nearly 2 years now. Most of the work I have done has been kept under wraps, but recently our game was released into the wild! Here are a few screenshots courtesy of the World Wide Web. I contributed mostly to the look and feel of the game and handling nearly all of the concepts for the buildings in the game. I know social games aren't everyone's cup o' tea..but hopefully some of you out there will check it out. Stay tuned for some more exciting news in the very near future.

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