Tuesday, August 6, 2013

California Trees

One thing that I have found to be particularly inspiring  in california is the vegetation. I am constantly surrounded by trees that are full of gnarled twisted shapes and bizarre formations, the likes of which I have never seen before. As opposed to vegetation on the the east coast, where the roots of plants are always hidden, it seems there is little definition between gnarly roots and the fantastic trunks of some of these trees..and that is the inspiration for this drawing. Enjoy!


Estevao Lucas said...

Fantastic work Isaac! Very nice how your handle the pencil! Do you did this traditionally or digital? or mixed media?

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

Its digital actually, i've been struggling to find a brush that looks like pencil and i finally found one. Leaving your lines loose and layering your linework works pretty well when trying to replicate real pencil sketching.

Benjamin Golinvaux said...
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Benjamin Golinvaux said...

Fantastic ! I love this drawing.

I read that you have drawn this digitally. May I ask if you are using Painter, Photoshop or something else ? I would like to buy painting software and this is exactly the kind of emulated pencil I am looking for.

Thanks and please keep on posting incredible images !