Friday, August 2, 2013

Evening Delivery...and a few words on creativity

Heres a fun little sketch I completed this was inspired by a photo I saw on Instagram of an old car.

As I mentioned previously, I have recently relocated across the country. In addition to needing a change of pace and some new surroundings, the move has also enabled me to clear my artistic palette and start again from scratch. I find that in this modern age of technology we spend so much time browsing the internet...tumblr..Instagram...blogger etc, we are constantly absorbing a massive amount of visual material subconsciously. Part of my relocation has also been electing to completely abstain from viewing blogs and websites of fellow artists. Not because I am not interested in what other people are doing, but because I need to remember who I am as an artist. I started to feel like I was putting too much of what I saw from everyone else into my own work and I was losing what makes me original. So it has been about 6 months since I've looked at any art material online other than my own and I finally feel like I am at a point where the work that I am creating is truly my own. I am currently working to revamp my entire body of work, and will hopefully have lots to share as I continue to hit the reset button. I'd encourage everyone to do the same thing once in a while, it feels great. :)

More to come soon!


Alex_Munguia said...

thanks for sharing man. thems is wise words. I hope to try it soon.

Diane Cain said...

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Szymon Struski said...

I saw the art you made and i hate my sketches and doodling and drawing now well 100 times as much. its just so good. how did you do that. what ??????????????????